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SECONDWIND: The Pacific Northwest Premier Power Rock/Blues Trio

SecondWind write and performs their own music.

SECOND WIND has been together for 3 years. They started performing last summer and finished a CD in October. It was released in January 2000. The band performs their own music and they are working on several new songs for their next CD.

CD: This Old Man
Mikey Les Taylor

Mikey Les Taylor - Guitar & Vocals

SECOND WIND is the combination of many years of close friendship and great music.

Although the band has been performing together for approximately three years, their roots take them back some 18 years. Mikey Les Taylor (guitar, vocals) and Ross Rutledge (drums, vocals) began playing and writing together with the idea of forming a power rock trio. But, due to a career and geographical change in Ross' life, the band did not get off the ground.

Mike Allegri

Mike Allegri - Bass & Lead Vocals

Over the next few years, Mikey Les formed a close friendship and musical relationship with Mike Allegri (bass, vocals). Fast forward to 1997; Mikey Les again had a burning desire to write and play music, but wasn't sure who he could find that would have his same goals, desires, and love for his unique style and sound.

The first name that came to his mind was Ross. Not having contact with him for many years he began to ask around as to Ross' whereabouts. Mikey found out that Ross lived just 40 miles away from him. Mikey called Ross who was also looking to form a band. They met together and realized that they were on the same page musically; it was obvious this was the beginning of what they both had been looking for.

Ross Rutledge

Ross Rutledge - Drums & Lead Vocals

Mikey Les introduced Mike Allegri to Ross and they all immediately agreed that this group had the potential of being a dynamic force in the rock world.

From the powerful, thick and solid bass lines of Michael Allegri to the forceful, fluid and commanding guitar work of Mikey Les, SECOND WIND has an extremely strong yet tasteful sound. Add the thundering drum lines of Ross Rutledge and you will find that SECOND WIND is a power trio that is second to none.

SECOND WIND is a breath of fresh air from the saturation of cookie-cutter blues/rock that permeates the present music industry.

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